Tuesday, February 4, 2014

CorgiHat Goals

Hey there! I wanted to talk a little bit about your hosts and CorgiHat before we get this dev blog started in earnest.

To begin with, CorgiHat is a joint project between myself and my father. We decided to undertake this for several reasons: we both wanted to learn about Android application development, I wanted to learn more about product management, we both wanted to learn more about Java, we both wanted to work on something together that we could bond over, and I wanted an application to perform a specific function which I was unable to find.

My father brings more years of development experience in various languages to the table than I've been alive, whereas I have only been seriously in the IT field for the past few years. My job focuses on mobile application testing, whereas much of my father's experience has been developing PC or (more recently) web applications.

The ideas behind CorgiHat have grown, but our initial plan is to start small. We plan to deliver a product to the Play Store which will help artists, artisans, and craftsfolk manage and track customer information and orders for custom work. This is something that I've struggled with as an artist who travels to conventions to ply my trade, and, with Dad's help, we've come up with an exciting solution to this problem in the form of our Project Planner.

Project Planner is only the first step, however. The big picture includes several integrated applications to manage inventory of stock and materials, purchases, and more, all on the individual/small business scale. It's going to be a really exciting journey, and we're both happy that you'll be joining us on it!

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