Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Writers Jam is LIVE

We did it!  We have a live release in the Google Play Store now.  Here is the description of the application from the Play Store.

You create a project with a few goals:

  • Total word count
  • Desired completion date
  • Expected number of words per day

Then enter you word count progress throughout the day and we keep it totaled up and let you know how you are doing with handy visual progress indicators for each project.

You can review your writing statistics including:

  • Number of days you have written
  • Daily, weekly and monthly average word counts
  • Longest writing streak
  • Top five most prolific days

There is a detailed list of your writing history by day with each entry timestamped, with optional comments.

If you want, you can have timed writing sprints and record both the number of words you wrote and the time it took to write them.

You can also see graphs of your daily and cumulative progress

We also support the export of the daily writing logs in CSV format so you can do your own analysis of the data.

Dictionary and Thesaurus tools are provided using the Oxford Dictionary API.

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